The Endless Summer is Coming to an End.

Summer has always been a travel-heavy season for us. We don’t live near mine or my husband’s family, so we take the boys on a “tour de family” to Alabama and Tennessee every summer. This year looked a little different, but we still spent time with those we loved. It felt more special somehow. It wasn’t spent going from place to place trying to keep the kids entertained, it was quality time telling stories and swimming in my parents pool. It wasn’t eating out at restaurants, it was enjoying my father-in-laws boat on a beautiful lake in TN. It was enjoying the company of close friends and family in Nashville. It was full.

Summer fun Summer fun Summer fun

I will lovingly remember this spring and summer as the endless summer. For those of you with kids at home, you know what I mean. Everyday was like Groundhog Day. We had to reevaluate how we spent our time and put limits on certain things (technology!). But in the end, it was a good summer. We figured out how to make the best of it, and we managed to not kill each other.

So, what did we do?

Our summer started for us right after spring break. Like everyone else, Will and Will logged in to virtual school. It was for an hour each day and they had reading and other work to complete on a daily basis. Although we had an agenda each day, we also had LOTS of downtime. We painted, created obstacle courses with neighbors, and did science experiments. We even got their Nana involved! She and Anna (the boy’s cousin) did a virtual science experiment for us from Nashville. They tried all kinds of ways to clean a penny, and it was really neat to see all the things they used – ketchup, mustard, vinegar, and Coke were just a few they tried! We did the exploding Coke experiment at our house. Did you know that if you drop a few Mentos in Coke, the bubbles shoot out of the top? It’s really cool….and easy! Diet Coke had the best reaction.

Summer fun Summer fun Summer fun

At the official beginning of the summer, we sat down with the boys and made a few goals. At the top of their list was to beat the next level in a game they have. Shocker. With some prompting, we added other goals like learning a new skill, read for two hours every week, get outside every day, get better at tennis and Jiu Jitsu, etc. Some goals were accomplished, like learning to make their own sandwiches! We’re still working on other goals!

Summer fun

Summer fun

One of the ways I stayed sane was writing letters. I wrote to friends and family like I was sitting there talking to them. It’s so freeing just to let it all out. I intended to write a page and just kept going to three or four pages. I told them good news, asked questions, and gave encouragement. It was so fun to get a letter back. There’s something special about a piece of mail with your name written on it in a friend’s handwriting.

The boys did swim team (go Sawgrass Sharks!), but it proved too much for Wyatt. Maybe next year for him. Will liked it, and I saw so much improvement in his strokes. Great job to Melanie Peterson, Kathleen Toto, Randy Woodrum, Director of Aquatics, Fitness, Recreation & Spa, the coaches, and all the volunteer parents for making it a successful season of swimming.

Sawgrass made the summer so much better! How lucky we are to have a pool to swim in and a beach to sit on. My fair kids finally have tans! It’s so cute to see their little white booties, reminds me of the Coppertone baby.

Summer fun Summer fun Summer fun Summer fun

Did you go to see the July 4th fireworks this year? We did, and they were the best yet. July 4th at Sawgrass definitely wasn’t the same, but I’m so thankful for their dedication to make fireworks happen!

Summer fun

Will did tennis camp a couple of weeks, and boy did he improve! It was HOT, but he had a good time with the coaches and the other kids. The boys were also introduced to Shirley Temple’s and Virgin Daiquiri’s, and it’s safe to say we’ll see plenty of those on our bill from now on!

Summer fun

We ordered Sawgrass Eats often, and picked up the specials from the Sandbar occasionally too. They did such a good job, and I’m so happy to see that they will continue this service!

I’m so proud of our club and how it has handled the uncertainty. Every facet from tennis to dining to golf has communicated and adapted literally every week or every day. The Sawgrass Foundation was formed and has helped many employees make ends meet as well as offered grants for education. I’m excited to see where this goes!

This summer had its drawbacks for sure. But overall, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I got to know my boys better this summer. I will never get this time back, and I am so grateful for the extra hugs and kisses. As the endless summer draws to a close and we send our kids back to school, let’s look forward to the fall and what it might bring.