Painting Family Tiles at the Youth Activity Center

One day, 20 years from now, we’ll walk through the breezeway connecting the family and adult pool and find our family tile. Maybe the boys will be home for Christmas with their wives. Maybe they’ll have their own children by that time. They’ll see the volcano labeled “Darling” then likely roll their eyes, but I will remember their little faces as they painted that volcano. The concentration, attention to detail, and even a little bickering about who was going to paint what. What a sweet memory it will be…at least for me.

Sawgrass Family Tiles

Family Tile Project

The family tile project was created when Sawgrass decided to give the breezeway between the family pool and the adult pool a facelift. An artist has been commissioned to paint a mural in the hallway, and Lacie championed a brilliant idea. According to Lacie (Youth Recreation Supervisor), “I thought it would be cute to have a section dedicated to the members, so we are going to incorporate unique tiles designed by the members, much like you’d see at an elementary school, or even at Sunshine Park.”

Sawgrass Family Tiles Sawgrass Family Tiles Sawgrass Family Tiles

Families are invited to come to the Youth Activity Center on Saturday from 9am-1pm to decorate your tile through December. The staff will have tables set up with tiles, paints, stencils, and brushes. No reservations are necessary, just show up.

My mom was in town the weekend we made our tiles, and she had fun helping the boys be creative. She is one of my favorite people in the world, and she’s super creative herself!

Sawgrass Family Tiles

“The mural project itself will begin late 2019 or early 2020, and should be finished by late next Spring! We are really excited about how it’s going to turn out,” Lacie says.

Sawgrass Country Club wants to knit families closer to each other by providing fun activities that families can engage in together, and the family tiles project is certainly one that gave us a fun activity on a Saturday morning. But it also gave us a sweet preservation of my boys as they are in 2019.

Contact the Recreation Department 904-543-1039 for more information!

“Girls Just Want to Have Fun” at 80’s Night!

80’s night at Sawgrass was a blast! Dinner, dancing, and on-point costumes made this event a night to remember.

The 80’s were a decade of fast cars, amazing T.V. shows, rock n’ roll classics, high rollers, and high-waisted denim! Bright colors, big hair, baggy clothes, and blue eyeshadow ruled the fashion scene. While I was young at the time, I still wanted to wear the latest trends. I remember making my bangs a mile high with a pound of hairspray. And I had the coolest washed out overalls, which are strangely making their way back in style! Why did we ever think we looked cool?!?

Sawgrass decided to honor all the fun 80’s traditions and throw a HUGE 80’s party! The decor was awesome! They had gigantic Rubik’s cubes, bright banners, Rock band logos, and big Pac Man decorations! The staff even dressed up along with all the members. Oh man, there were a lot of tutus and fish net accessories! Our friends went all out! 

Gretchen and Ben Stamper dressed up! He was going for a “Saved by the Bell” look.

And Perry…oh my…the Slash look really suits him!

The DJ was playing all the 80’s hits! We danced to Prince, Michael Jackson, Queen, Madonna, and so many more!


When was the last time you “snapped into a Slim Jim?!?!” I loved that they had classics like Airheads, Slim Jims, Ritz crackers, and Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza. It really added to the atmosphere of the event! The chefs at Sawgrass prepared a great combination of savories and treats that had a hint of 80’d flare and were delicious!

Appetizers – Spinach dip and bread bowl, deviled eggs, buffalo chicken wings, stuffed potato skins, sausage cheese balls, mini sloppy joe, cheese display with ritz crackers, broccoli cheese bites

Mains – steak & ales kensington club steak, chicken pot pie turnovers, bennigan’s mini monte cristo, mini sloppy joe’s, french bread pizzas

Dessert – pineapple upside down cake, crème brulee, pudding pops

We had such a great time reminiscing, laughing, and dancing! Make plans to attend the next big theme dinner, Sawgrass Oktoberfest, on October 12th!