Sawgrass Women’s Club – Welcoming the Next Generation

Us women need to stick together. The amount of times I’ve taken advantage of “the village” of moms around me is countless! From asking for help when I was sick to borrowing clothes because one of my boys had an accident, my friends have been there for me and my boys when life gets a little unpredictable…which is every week when you have little boys.

Sawgrass Women's Club Sawgrass Women's Club

Sawgrass Women's Club

We all have something to give whether young or old, married or single, working or not working. That’s what makes our community of women special. The Sawgrass Women’s Club “was formed in November 1980 by a small group of women who wanted to meet their neighbors and make friends while enjoying all that this area has to offer.” That message rings true today.

About the Sawgrass Women’s Club

The Sawgrass Women’s Club has grown to over 400 members! Monthly meetings are now hosted at the Beach Club (because of construction at the Golf Club House) at 10am. Each meeting features social time, a speaker, and lunch. The speakers topics range from gardening to health and wellness.

Sawgrass Women's Club

Every month, there are countless activities offered to members including outings, golf groups, lessons for games like Mahjongg, arts and crafts projects, walking groups, birthday lunches, etc. Most of the events take place during the day as most members are retired and have their days free.

Why create a Next Generation group?

This is tough for us young moms, even those who don’t work full time. Managing a family heavily involved in sports and activities, school functions, volunteering at school, and preschool age children can make daytime activities hard. And if you happen to work full time, it’s just impossible to come to a meeting at 10am on a Monday or any other daytime activity.

Sawgrass Women's Club Sawgrass Women's Club Sawgrass Women's Club

Debbie Tucker, immediate past president of the Women’s Club, knew there was an opportunity to reach us young moms and put together programming that speaks to us. Little did she know, Jocelyn Becksmith and I had a conversation about creating a moms group within Sawgrass around Christmas time. A couple months later, we got connected with Debbie and told her our ideas, and she told us hers. It was a match made in heaven! She introduced us to Jeanne Piltcher, the current President, and off we went. They were on board with what we envisioned, and we have been working closely to kick off our group ever since.

Our first event was a Tiki Party on the beach! With the help of Donna and Perry, we organized drinks and appetizers down at the Tiki Bar. We had a guy playing guitar, cocktail tables set up, and the weather was gorgeous that night! Here are some pictures from the event.

Sawgrass Women's Club Sawgrass Women's Club Sawgrass Women's Club Sawgrass Women's Club

We talked about events that we want to plan and initiatives we want to lobby for in Sawgrass. Here are just a sample of events that we would like to plan. Of course, these events will be open to the greater Sawgrass Women’s Club, not just our group.

-Monthly happy hours at the Beach Club
-Monthly Bunco groups hosted in participants homes
-Flower arranging class with wine and appetizers
-Mom-panels where us young moms can learn from seasoned moms on various topics
-Spa days/nights
-Wine tastings
-Beach cookouts/bonfires
-Organized shark tooth hunts
-Play dates for moms with preschool aged children
-Activities for moms and their middle schoolers
-Technology classes

This is just naming a few! Join the Women’s Club, and give us your ideas, too.

Our next event will take place on August 15th at the Beach Club, and it will be a celebration of school being back in session! Moms night out! Who’s in? It will be a dinner or happy hour, the details haven’t been determined yet, but it will be FUN!

Sawgrass Women's Club Sawgrass Women's Club

If you would like to join the Women’s Club (and have loads of fun), follow the links below. To join, women must either belong to Sawgrass Country Club OR live within the gates of Sawgrass Country Club.

Step 1: Fill out an online membership form.

Step 2: Pay dues online ($41.55) or you can send a check to Sara-Ann Gomez ($40). Here’s her email to get in touch with her: [email protected]

Step 3: Register for an event, and meet new friends.

I look at these older women with respect and admiration. They have raised children, had successful careers, and conquered trials through life. I love that we can talk about serious stuff like raising children or how to balance life in general…or, we can giggle and laugh over wine while swapping stories about moving around the country, the best way to fry chicken, or how to communicate with our husbands more efficiently! There are great things that happen when you put three generations in a room together! So join us! Make your mark on Sawgrass, and make friends along the way!

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