New Menu Items at the Beach Club

The Sawgrass Beach Club menu is amazing. It’s a combination of great flavors and has both elegant and casual offerings that work for a quick dinner or a special occasion meant to be savored. I’m impressed that the staff, especially Perry and Ben, listen to suggestions from members as well as dieting trends and seasonal produce when introducing new dishes.

Brittany Darling

My husband,Cory, and I got to experience a few of the new menu items recently, and loved our experience. Or was it that we were eating dinner without our kids? We’ll say it was the great food AND peace and quiet! Our server, Nikole, was amazing as usual. Very professional and knowledgeable!

Let’s start with wine.

What great dinner doesn’t start with wine? We ordered the new Pinot Noir on the menu, Pinot Noir-Soter “North Valley,” Willamette Valley. The first thing I noticed was the aromas of plum and black pepper. It finishes a bit tart and citrusy, but overall it was a nice light wine that we felt we could pair with seafood. And we did!

Appetizer course

For our appetizer, we chose the Croque Monsieur Sliders. I have made something similar at home, but these are WAY better then my version. Not even comparable, really. Picture a soft sweet Hawaiian roll, shaved smoked ham, melted Gruyere cheese, and a creamy bechamel sauce dripping off the top. They were the best kind of messy! We received four in our order, so it’s definitely shareable as a starter or enough for a whole meal for one person.

Ham and cheese sliders

The appetizer we almost ordered was the Korean BBQ Pork Totchos, a wonderful blend of crispy tater tots, kim-chi slaw, gochujang aioli, and green onion. But we happened to run into friends, Jack and Julie Francis, on the way out that ordered it. Don’t you love running into friendly faces at the club? Whether it’s at the gym or beach club, we always seem to run into a couple or family that we know. They loved the appetizer and described it by saying, “It’s phenomenal! I hope they add a breakfast version with two fried eggs on top!” Guess we’ll have to try it next time to confirm!

Dinner course

Dinner was next. My husband, Cory, ordered the Grouper and Shrimp Mixed Grill. Florida black grouper and royal red shrimp were the stars with herb roasted potatoes, asparagus, and a basil cream sauce rounding out the dish. I had a few bites, and the fish was cooked perfectly!

Fish and shrimp main course

I ordered the Fennel Scallops with Beet Quinoa. Not only was my dish plated beautifully, but it tasted great, too. The scallops were cooked perfectly, and the beet quinoa was delicious. The quinoa did not have an overwhelming taste of beets, but it is present. However, the beets gave it a gorgeous shade of purple, and it ended up being a great balance with the cooked carrots and scallops. I would definitely order it again.

Shrimp main course

Finishing the night with dessert

We finished the night with another glass of Pinot and dessert. If you’re a fan of chocolate, try the new Chocolate Pots De Creme. It is enough to share between two people, possibly a table of four if everyone just wants a few bites. The chocolate was rich and creamy combined with a light and fluffy chantilly cream and a sweet and crunchy piece of almond biscotti. It was heavenly! We ate every bit of it!

Chocolate dessert

At the end of the night, we both had a smile on our face. Our dinner was wonderful, and we were able to connect as a couple and enjoy conversation. We are so thankful for Sawgrass and the opportunities to not only have great date nights, but to build relationships with other families and couples.

Cheers! We hope to run into you on our next wild and crazy night out! 🙂

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